Saturday, April 18, 2009

More kid's crafts

I'm really trying to teach my children the joy of gift giving. Too many people have this real dread about gift giving, and I love it! I don't want my kids to grow up and think it's a chore. I want them see it as a way to celebrate the people they are giving gifts to. The kids are going to a birthday part tomorrow for two brothers who they have known all their lives. Ray came up with these gifts - well, I helped, but he chose the shirts and the material for the appliques. He also helped with the designs, etc. I hope the boys like them. Then, we went upstairs to pick out gift bags for the presents, and I realized that the only "boyish" bags we have are Harry Potter bags. Ray didn't want to use those, so I let him dig through my material stash and pick out some material for the gift bags for the boys. I love the material he chose. Here are the shirts:

And here are gifts wrapped in the gift bags I made out of the material that he chose: