Friday, January 16, 2009

First of the Christmas bags

I screwed up cutting out the pattern of my maternity shirt - which I normally never do. Oh well. I have decided that I can make do with the maternity clothes that I have for the next four months. I have enough to get me through. So, I am done with maternity clothes! Today I worked on bags. I have quite a few that are ready to have the top seam sewn and the ties put in. I need white thread though, and I have a spool - somewhere! I started on my Christmas bags. I got four small and two medium ones done. I think they're kind of cute. I was a little bummed about giving up wrapping paper I have to admit, but after seeing the bags made, I'm feeling good about them. I think they're going to look really cute under the Christmas tree this year. Here's the first batch.

Here's a picture of three other gift bags that I finished up.

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Jennifer said...

Cute! I've been thinking about making gift bags this year too.