Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Kids' Crafts

The girls recently made necklaces for a couple of their friends who were having birthdays (with Mom's help, of course!). We went to a locally owned bead store to get the supplies. They picked out all the things the wanted on the necklaces, and here are the results!

Olivia's necklace was a little simpler (she's only 5!). She picked out a pretty butterfly charm, and then pink, blue, and clear crystal seed beads to go around it. I think it turned out really pretty! She was happy with the results.

Beth Ann's necklace was a charm necklace. She picked out 7 different charms that all had different meanings. The horse represented the girl's spirit, the heart in the envelope was because she was sweet, the guitar was because she rocked, etc. I can't remember what they all stood for, but she wrote it all down in a card for her.

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