Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Bags, bags, more bags, and a pumpkin shirt!

Due to feeling crappy but not extremely crappy, I didn't work on anything that took too much thought today! I made my first t-shirt bags from t-shirts I purged from the closet. This is the first one.

Once it was made, I realized that the handles were too long. I cut them shorter and sewed them back together. That size worked better, so this is my second attempt.

This one will work out very nicely! I plan on making a bunch of t-shirt bags to carry my groceries and other purchases in. I think they'll work really well. They are nice and deep, and they are strong.

Beth Ann and I went to JoAnn's big sale today (and used our 10% off our entire order coupon!). We bought 3 flannel fabrics to make Christmas napkins and 12 cotton fabrics to make Christmas gift bags. I'm not in a big rush to get those done. I plan on doing a few at a time.

Since I didn't feel all that great, but I really wanted to accomplish SOMETHING today, I decided to whip up some gift bags. I made 7 little ones and 1 big one. I used my orange t-shirt bag to store them in!

And finally, here's the pumpkin shirt. Eh, it's functional.

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